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LATTICE™ is a SaaS-based platform which onboards the entire tech stack of each data center, providing users with a single, open and secure interface between the operator and their business systems.

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LATTICE™ provides customers with an OpenAPI compliant interface between data centers and their customers. OpenAPI is the leading industry specification for a machine-readable interface definition language for both humans and machines.

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LATTICE™ enables seamless, standardized reporting of ESG data, including Scope I and II CO2 emissions. Customers will be able to access real-time, standardized power, water, and CO2 data, for data center related ESG reporting through a button-click.

The new way to communicate with data centers

Qarbon is a platform that securely transfers data between workflow management and data center systems, allowing easy access to data. This improves efficiency, reduces energy costs, tracks inventory, and ensures ESG compliance.

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LATTICE™ is the world’s first fully featured and totally open API interconnection platform designed specifically for the data center industry. This innovative platform will make the data center Sector easier to work with by homogenizing disparate customer interfaces and enabling secure, plug & play workflow automation. ​

Significant cost and time savings for customers.

Full automation, enabling a complete audit trail for transactions.

A fully secure OpenAPI enabled data transfer between systems.

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Cross-connect Ordering

Qarbon ​LATTICE™ ​Release 1.0​ includes Self-Service Cross-connect (XC) ordering across multiple leading global colocation data centers (DCs). The platform offers seamless integration with common Workflow Management tools including ServiceNow, Salesforce & Oracle Netsuite with the ability to Track & Trace your XC-orders.

Up to 70% OPEX savings by:

Eliminating dual data-entry​

Reducing invoice disputes​

Removing multiple web-portal logins​ and standardising XC ordering.

Q Connector™ Podcast Series

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July 2, 2024

Q Connector™ Podcast: Episode IV with Schneider Electric

In this fourth podcast from Qarbon Technologies, our host, Omer Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, along with Robert Davidson, CEO & Founder of Qarbon Tech, welcomed special guest Matthew Baynes, Vice President of Strategic Partners, Cloud & Service Provider Segment at Schneider Electric.The insightful discussion dived deep into the capacity and design impact on global Data Center build-outs from the growing demand from AI workloads. How is the sector changing and what new demands are being placed on DC Operators and end-users alike ? What is the global impact on Energy Usage – what awaits the world's governments and organisations ? The podcast also covered how Data Center operations are evolving to meet the tsunami of global Data demand, especially the ‘ Digitisation’ of Data Center operations. Finally the question was asked of the guests, 'What will the year 2030 look like for Data Centers ?'
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May 8, 2024

Q Connector™ Podcast: Episode III with MEF Forum

In this third webinar from Qarbon Technologies, our host, Omer Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, along with Robert Davidson, Chief Executive Officer, will engage with Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs of MEF, a global industry association of network, cloud, security, and technology providers, to delve into the evolution of automation within the data center industry. The discussion will be focused on the current state of automation, exploring the potential for developing an automated ecosystem through new de facto automation standards. The feasibility of formalizing these standards within MEF to establish a baseline for industry-wide automation will be analyzed. Additionally, the conversation will highlight the critical importance of standardization in automation, underscoring its role in enhancing efficiency and consistency across the sector. This webinar will provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the data center automation landscape…
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