Qarbon LATTICE™ Platform is now Live and in Production

Qarbon Technologies proudly announces the production launch of it's much anticipated Qarbon LATTICE™ platform.
December 6, 2023

[SINGAPORE, December 5, 2023] – In a landmark moment for the data center industry, Qarbon Technologies proudly announces the production launch of its much-anticipated Qarbon LATTICE™ platform. This innovative solution is poised to radically transform how digital infrastructure is managed across the globe, marking a new era of efficiency, automation, and connectivity in the data center space.

Qarbon LATTICE™, described as the "missing middle layer" for data center connectivity, offers a groundbreaking unified API platform that seamlessly integrates various datacenter systems with popular SaaS platforms. It addresses the industry’s most pressing challenges, from disparate data sources to the cumbersome manual workflows, by enabling secure and automated connectivity, management, and reporting.

"Today marks a monumental achievement not just for Qarbon Technologies, but for the entire data center industry," said Robert Davidson, Founder and CEO of Qarbon Technologies. "The launch of Qarbon LATTICE™ is the culmination of immense hard work, dedication, and innovation from our technical teams. This is more than just a product launch; it is a pivotal first step in our journey to reshape the digital infrastructure landscape for the better."

Qarbon LATTICE™ is designed to enhance efficiency and agility in data center operations, initially facilitating secure ordering of cross-connects with major data center operators and integrating with SaaS platforms like ServiceNOW and Salesforce. Its unique ability to standardize and automate the vast array of data within data centers - covering connectivity, power, security, and more - positions it as a game-changer in the industry.

The platform's deployment has already garnered enthusiastic feedback from early adopters, who commend its transformative impact on operations and user experience. "Qarbon LATTICE™ is not just a new product; it's a beacon for the future of data center management, setting a new standard for automation, connectivity, and operational excellence," added Mark Smith, Co-Founder &Executive Chairman of Qarbon.

With Qarbon LATTICE™ now live, Qarbon Technologies invites data center operators and customers worldwide to experience the future of digital infrastructure management – efficient, automated, and seamlessly connected.


About Qarbon Technologies

Qarbon is creating the world's first SaaS-based orchestration platform for secure, seamless integration of datacenter infrastructure and customers' existing business applications. It unlocks data contained in a multitude of data center infrastructure systems and seamlessly integrates it with customer's business applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce. Qarbon's first product, Qarbon LATTICE™, provides customers with a single, ubiquitous interface between their data centers and their business systems, eliminating the current complexity, friction, cost, security, and observability issues caused by existing manual workflows and enabling secure, plug-and-play workflow automation. Qarbon enables the true digital transformation of data centers, from real estate to technology platforms ready for infrastructure-as-code, by creating the world’s first open, neutral, standards-based orchestration platform for data centers and their customers. Whether to reduce energy costs, increase operating efficiency, track inventory, comply with ESG reporting, or anything else — Qarbon is your solution for data about the data center.

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