PTC: Delivering Mission-Critical Data Center Transformation

Pacific Telecommunications Council Community Coverage of the Qarbon LATTICE™ orchestration platform launch
June 26, 2023

With complex new requirements driven by digital transformation, data center orchestration is becoming mission-critical for efficient management of data center resources and operations. Most data centers today are still juggling costs and resources to ensure their customers are able to get real-time access in managing their operational workflow across multiple data center ecosystems.

Stepping up to fix this critical problem across data centers globally, Qarbon Technologies recently announced the world’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based orchestration platform for secure, seamless integration of data center infrastructure with various enterprise business applications to enable secure plug-and-play workflow automation.

The Qarbon LATTICE™ platform simplifies software management for customers while enabling data centers to deliver reliable and efficient services. Complexities and manual processes are replaced with this single, open API interface between data centers and their customers.

According to Randy Brouckman, CEO of EdgeConneX, “Qarbon’s solutions are needed today and will be essential to the global data center industry in three years’ time. Multiple industry megatrends, from AI to IoT and hybrid cloud services are causing a deluge for the data center ecosystem, which will make secure, fully automated, and auditable workflows critical moving forward.”

By providing an open API interface, data centers enable customers to integrate their own software systems, applications, or services with the data center infrastructure so all systems are “speaking the same language.” Customers can use the API to perform tasks such as provisioning and deprovisioning resources, monitoring and managing infrastructure, automating workflows, retrieving data, and performing various operations.

“For over 20 years, I was a customer for data centers all over the world. This has given me a keen appreciation for all the problems with how data centers are managed today. Qarbon is the missing middle layer between data centers and customers and the solution that I had always wanted as a data center customer,” said Robert Davidson, CEO and founder, Qarbon Technologies. “The Qarbon LATTICE™ SaaS-based orchestration platform onboards the entire tech stack of each data center and provides customers with a single, homogenous, ubiquitous experience that is the same regardless of which back-office system their data center operator is running.”

LATTICE™ is currently in trials with multiple industry-leading early adopters and is scheduled for a beta release in Q3 of 2023. The platform is supported by an Industry Advisory Board of data center and telecom industry heavyweights including Randy Brouckman, CEO of EdgeConneX; Marc Halbfinger, CEO of PCCW Global; Pieter Poll, former CTO of CenturyLink; and Tony Rossabi, co-founder of OCOLO and former managing director at Digital Realty/Telx.

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