Qarbon Technologies Launches at ITW 2023 to Transform the Global Digital Infrastructure Industry

Qarbon Technologies announces close of $5.5 million seed funding and launches world's first SaaS-based orchestration platform for the Data Center industry.
June 1, 2023

Qarbon Technologies Pte. Ltd., a Singapore headquartered enterprise technology company, today announced the official launch of its innovative SaaS solutions to transform the global data center industry. Qarbon's founders include data center, telecom, and technology veterans with more than a century of combined global experience.

Today, almost every data center in the world runs a unique infrastructure stack, making customers contend with a nearly endless array of data sources across their operations, including connectivity, power, water, air conditioning, monitoring, security, and inventory. Customers must employ dedicated resources to access, aggregate, clean, convert, and integrate this data into their own business systems. This highly manual workflow makes it nearly impossible for customers to monitor, manage, or automate their data center operations in real time, thereby increasing costs, creating service challenges, and generating audit issues for their businesses. Despite huge investments in digital transformation, accessing the data about the data center remains a highly manual process.

Qarbon will transform the status quo for digital infrastructure customers.

Qarbon enables the true digital transformation of data centers, from real estate to technology platforms ready for infrastructure-as-code, by creating the world's first open, neutral, standards-based orchestration platform for data centers and their customers.

Qarbon is making its industry debut at the 16th International Telecoms Week (ITW) trade show (the premier event for the digital infrastructure industry) in Maryland, USA from 14 to 17 May.

Ahead of the conference, Qarbon's Founder and CEO, Robert Davidson said, "Qarbon transforms the data center experience for operators and customers globally, making it more efficient and secure, and enabling true, real-time automation and infrastructure-as-code. We are developing a category-creating enterprise SaaS solution that gives customers seamless access to the data they need about every data center they use. Qarbon enables customers to use the data center solutions they want, when they want, where they want."

"Qarbon's solutions are needed today and will be essential to the global data center industry in three years' time," said Randy Brouckman, CEO of EdgeConnex. "Multiple industry megatrends, from AI to IoT and hybrid cloud services are causing a deluge for the data center ecosystem, which will make secure, fully automated and auditable workflows critical moving forward."

Qarbon's first product, LATTICE™, is in trials with multiple industry-leading early adopters and is scheduled for a beta release in Q3 of 2023. The SaaS-based platform onboards the entire tech stack of each data center, providing users with a single, ubiquitous interface between the operator and their business systems which eliminates the complexity, friction, cost, security, and observability issues caused by today's predominantly manual workflows.

LATTICE™ will launch with cross-connect order orchestration and a roadmap to automate (including integrating AI/ML) all the data generated by data center infrastructure. This will include power, water, security, air conditioning, temperature, humidity, inventory, along with the physical connections and operating processes that tie it all together.

In addition to cost-savings, automation, enhanced security, and auditability, LATTICE™ will also enable seamless, standardized reporting of ESG data, including Scope I and II CO2 emissions. Customers will be able to access real-time, standardized power, water, and CO2 data, for their data center related ESG reporting through a button-click.

Qarbon's public launch follows the close of its US$5.5 million seed funding round, led by Meta Technology Capital, the technology investing arm of a prominent Singapore-based family office. "We could not be more pleased to have raised US$5.5 million of seed capital for Qarbon, particularly given the current challenges in the funding environment, and are excited to partner with Meta Technology Capital; we look forward to delivering great results for them, our customers, and our other stakeholders," said Mark Smith, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Qarbon. Prior to co-founding Qarbon, Mark led Digital Realty's business in Asia-Pacific, and is a thirty-plus-year veteran of the technology, telecom, cloud, and data center industries.

Qarbon also unveiled an Industry Advisory Board of data center and telecom industry heavyweights, welcoming as Senior Advisors Randy Brouckman, CEO of EdgeConneX; Marc Halbfinger, CEO of PCCW Global; Pieter Poll, former CTO of CenturyLink; and Tony Rossabi, Co-Founder of OCOLO and former Managing Director at Digital Realty / Telx.

About Qarbon Technologies

Qarbon is creating the world's first SaaS-based orchestration platform for secure, seamless integration of data center infrastructure and customers' existing business applications. It unlocks data contained in a multitude of data center infrastructure systems and seamlessly integrates it with customer's business applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce. Qarbon's first product, Qarbon LATTICE™, provides customers with a single, ubiquitous interface between their data centers and their business systems, eliminating the current complexity, friction, cost, security, and observability issues caused by existing manual workflows and enabling secure, plug-and-play workflow automation. Whether to reduce energy costs, increase operating efficiency, track inventory, comply with ESG reporting, or anything else—Qarbon is your solution for data about the data center.


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