Qarbon is the missing
middle layer
between data centers and customers

By leveraging LATTICE™, customers are able to benefit from a robust ecosystem that is already in place and enabling multiple forms of API-enabled workflow automation.


The first LATTICE™ product release will enable secure ordering of cross-connects with major data center operators. Ordering will be initiated from workflows within common SaaS platforms such as ServiceNOW and Salesforce. LATTICE™ will accept API-calls, aggregate the services required to fulfill them, and return appropriate result to the user of the SaaS platform. User Authentication is taken care of in a seamless and secure way within the LATTICE™ Orchestration Layer. ​

Qarbon LATTICE™ platform functions as a Unified API-platform
eliminating the disparity that exists in today’s data center market.

The platform receives the data trapped in the data center systems, homogenizes it and connects it to the SaaS platforms used by the consumers of data center services.

LATTICE™ is a secure platform which sits between the Colocation Datacenters’ customer interfaces and the Customers’ SaaS-platforms and translates multiple different API-call formats in real-time.

The Problem

Today, almost every data center in the world runs a unique infrastructure stack, making customers contend with a nearly endless array of data sources across their operations, including connectivity, power, water, air conditioning, monitoring, security, and inventory. Customers must employ dedicated resources to access, aggregate, clean, convert, and integrate this data into their own business systems.

This highly manual workflow makes it nearly impossible for customers to monitor, manage, or automate their data center operations in real time, thereby increasing costs, creating service challenges, and generating audit issues for their businesses. Despite huge investments in digital transformation, accessing the data about the data center remains a highly manual process.

The LATTICE™ Roadmap

LATTICE™ will launch with cross-connect order orchestration and a roadmap to automate (including integrating AI/ML) all the data generated by data center infrastructure. Product ​release 1.0​ includes self-service Cross-Connect (XC) ordering across multiple leading global colocation #datacenters (DCs). The platform offers seamless integration with common workflow management systems including ServiceNow, Salesforce & SAP Ariba with the ability to 'Track & Trace' your XC-orders.

The Qarbon product roadmap will include power, water, security, air conditioning, temperature, humidity, inventory, along with the physical connections and operating processes that tie it all together. Automating all the data about the datacenter:

- Ticket Management (e.g. Smart Hands)
- On-Site Services (e.g. Visitor Access)
- Billing (e.g. Invoice/PO Reconciliation)
- Inventory Management
- Real-time ESG Reporting


In addition to cost-savings, automation, enhanced security, and auditability, LATTICE™ will also enable seamless, standardized reporting of ESG data, including Scope I and II CO2 emissions. Today's digital infrastructure customer must spend considerable time and money preparing important ESG reports for their datacenter. Accessing multiple data sources and compiling information manually. The Qarbon application, with its real-time, standardized power, water, and CO2 data, will ultimately enable ESG reporting with the click of a button.

The impact that the Qarbon Technologies software solutions could have on the ESG sector globally is substantial. Not only will regulators and other stakeholders get the reporting they need, in a seamless, complete and fully auditable manner, but independent operators will now also be able to qualify for ESG-linked financing, potentially saving millions in costs while further progressing the critical environmental agenda across the global datacenter ecosystem“, said Benjamin Soh, Managing Director of STACS, the operator of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Greenprint ESG Registry.

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