Tech Wire Asia: Qarbon Technologies wants to set standards for data center sustainability management

Qarbon Tech Founder & CEO Robert Davidson was interviewed by Aaron Raj at Tech Wire Asia. They discussed data center automation, sustainability and a whole lot more...!
November 25, 2023

How do organizations measure sustainability? Most of them rely on matching the standards and requirements set by regulators. These standards are usually set by measuring and understanding data and using a solution that has been standardized for all.

While organizations can quickly achieve this, it is not a simple process for data center operators. Data centers continue to mushroom worldwide, given the need for more computing power. However, how is sustainability measured as the world builds more data centers?

True enough, data centers today are built with sustainability at their core. This includes using sustainable materials to make it and ensuring the data centers run sustainability with minimal carbon emissions.

But how are the standards measured? How do data centers prove that what they are doing is sustainable? Who do they compare themselves to? And who sets the bar?

Tech Wire Asia speaks to Robert Davidson, CEO and founder of Qarbon Technologies, to understand more about the importance of having standards for data center sustainability. Davidson also shares how the data from data centers can be used to do more than be a tool for sustainability management.

Read and find out more about the full article online here!


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