Achieve Smarter Data Center Spending

Optimize your data center infrastructure costs with QarbonEX™. Our automated auditing solution identifies unutilized resources and areas for cost savings, while our unified resource management platform standardizes provisioning and decommissioning workflows across teams and systems.


Automated Invoice Auditing and Cost Optimization

QarbonEX™ automates routine audits across your data center invoices, assets, and infrastructure data to identify areas for cost savings and optimization.

  • Identifies invoice errors, overcharges, and billing discrepancies

  • Centralizes data from multiple providers and locations for comprehensive auditing

  • Provides actionable insights to reduce wasteful spending

The Process

How it works


Get invoice, asset data, PO data, invoice data


Get associated circuit data


Compare all data sources manually, semi-auto, or fully automated

Cost Saving Action

Investigate, diagnose, identify, and call-to-action

Core Product Capability

What core features makes the product unique

Data Collection Service
Collect conventional and non-traditional inventory, asset, billing, transaction data from DC Operators and Customer.
Data Transformation Service
Manual or automated way of extracting, processing, transforming, and loading data for easy use.
Process Automation Service
Automate and digitize the invoice, asset, inventory validation and discrepancy check.
Data Integration & Visualization Service
Dynamically combine and present data to understand discrepancy patterns and relationships.
Analytics & Reporting Service
Consolidate all asset, inventory, and spending data across all data center operators in one-view.
Desk Research Service
Qualitative and quantitative approach, with human intervention, in analyzing documents and other data sources to discover actionable insights.

What services we plan to offer

Qarbon transforms labor-intensive invoicing and asset inventory auditing into an automated digital workflow, enabling professionals to easily leverage data-driven insights for enhanced decision-making.

Basic Service

We give access to all DC data in one place, one single format

Contact sales

Data source originate from Equinix and Cyxtera

3 DC Operators

All XC assets and inventory data

3 DC Most recent year billing history

Data accessible and exportable via QLINK or Open API

Bundle Service

We review your invoices and provide actionable cost saving insights

Starter Pack
at a Discount
Contact sales

Collect and review all records from customer

Up to 12 DC Operators

XC Inventory/Billing mismatch

Identify possible cost-saving insights

Managed Service

We manage your dispute,
disconnects, and onsite inspection

for a Personalized Program
Contact sales

Onsite visual inspection on XC inventory

All Operators that are API onboarded to LATTICE 

Manage your dispute

Manage your XC disconnects

Execute cost-saving strategy

coming soon

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