Qarbon Technologies enter into a Long-Term Agreement with Cambridge Management Consulting to Roll Out a Collaborative Go-to-Market Strategy

Qarbon Technologies partners with Cambridge Management Consulting to offer a joint data center orchestration and consulting solution. Qarbon's LATTICE™ platform seamlessly integrates data centers with business apps, while Cambridge MC provides management expertise for implementation and optimization.
May 14, 2024

05/14/2024 – Qarbon Technologies (Qarbon), the world’s first platform for securely transferring data between workflow management and data center systems, is excited to announce the start of an ongoing collaboration with Cambridge Management Consulting (Cambridge MC), an international management consultancy. This will initiate a joint go-to-market strategy, providing Cambridge MC with a digital solution to provide to their portfolio of clients and customers, and provide Qarbon with a management solution for implementing and assisting with a client’s existing infrastructure.

Qarbon’s service, LATTICE™, is a SaaS-based orchestration platform designed to provide a single interface between data centersand customers, allowing them to avoid the challenges caused by using multiple providers with varying systems for managing data. This offers a solution to data center infrastructure which is more secure in its transparency, compliant through its use of OpenAPI, and sustainable by reporting ESG data.

Thus, Qarbon and Cambridge MC will together provide an ongoing orchestration platform and service wrap, including data cleansing and management, cost reduction, and procurement services, to a market of international customers and clients who require support or transformation of their digital infrastructure. By implementing LATTICE™, this collaboration between Cambridge MC and Qarbon represents a joint go-to-market strategy, widening Cambridge MC’s portfolio of solutions while allowing Qarbon to further disseminate their service.

Robert Davidson, Founder and CEO of Qarbon, said: ‘Todaymarks a pivotal moment, as Qarbon Technologies partners with Cambridge Management Consulting to redefine how digital infrastructure is managed and optimized across industries. This collaboration not only amplifies our mission to streamline data workflows through our LATTICE™ platform but also empowers Cambridge MC's clients with transformative, secure, and sustainable digital solutions. Together, we are setting a new standard for operational excellence and strategic growth in the tech sector.’

Nigel Meacham, Managing Partner for Digital Procurement at Cambridge MC, said: ‘Cambridge Management Consulting is excited by our collaboration with Qarbon. A combination of Cambridge MC’s experience and innovative consulting, alongside Qarbon’s LATTICE™ orchestration platform, is truly unique, providing clients with an approach for managing data center estates going forward that is based on reliable, cleansed, and normalized inventories.’


About Qarbon Technologies

Qarbon is creating the world's first SaaS-based orchestration platform for secure, seamless integration of data center infrastructure and customers' existing business applications. It unlocks data contained in a multitude of data center infrastructure systems and seamlessly integrates it with customer's business applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce. Qarbon's first product, Qarbon LATTICE™, provides customers with a single, ubiquitous interface between their data centers and their business systems, eliminating the current complexity, friction, cost, security, and observability issues caused by existing manual workflows and enabling secure, plug-and-play workflow automation. Whether to reduce energy costs, increase operating efficiency, track inventory, comply with ESG reporting, or anything else—Qarbon is your solution for data about the data center.

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About Cambridge Management Consulting

Cambridge Management Consulting (Cambridge MC) is an international consulting firm with a focus on supporting the private and public sector with their people, process, and digital technology challenges. What makes Cambridge Management Consulting unique is that it doesn’t employ consultants—only senior executives with real industry or government experience and the skills to advise their clients from a place of true credibility. Cambridge Management Consulting has offices or legal entities in Cambridge, London, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Singapore, and Helsinki, with further expansion planned in the near future.

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